Info Management – Strategy analysis IKEA

I am working on a group project focused on IKEA business strategy and future strategy that is to be completed in iterations all t be combined at the end of the semester for a final paper. We have completed iterations 1 of 4 , and are now working on iteration #2. 

My part is to complete the following: 

2. Strategic Opportunities (approx 1-2 pages): Justify the prospective emerging/enabling technology(s) in terms of its strategic viability for your particular organization. More specifically, discuss how the integration of this technology(s) will enhance your organization’s current business strategy.

Here are some ideas I jotted down that may be helpful in writing this section: 

AI allows customers the ability to test, and try out the product before buying it, which in turn will create a better customer experience, by seeing it in their house without going through the trouble of buying, building, and re-decorating an entire room. Time saving, no need to disassemble/assemble products to see in space. All strategic opportunities are customer-centric to tie back in with its mission statement 

The paper does need to be cohesive so I have attached all that we have written so far and the references used. Please feel free to use the resources already available if they are of help, and be sure to number them by how they are listed in the reference section if used. 

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