Inequality in the United States

Using one of the following human problems: Systemic Racism, The War on Drugs, Homelessness in the United States, Inequality in the United States, Global Climate Change, Gender Inequality in the U.S., Global Gender Inequality, The Plastics in the Environment, You can do a smaller more focused version of these as well, like a Gender Inequality in Sports for example, or something else that you are interested in, just make sure to run it by me first.

1. Tell me why did you pick this topic? What does it mean to you? I would like you to take a deeper look at the topic. Tell me why you think that this is happening using your Sociological Imagination and doing a small bit of research. Please reach out to me if you need resources on the topic, and remember to cite any information that you use.

2. If you were going to design your own research, what type of research methods would you use?

(Questionnaires, Interviews, Surveys, Ethnographic work, Libraries, etc.)

3. Why those Methods?

4. Next, propose a solution on how to address the issue. Remember that the solutions must be ethical and can be micro or macro solutions.

Your response papers will be 550-800 words long, with Calibri 12pt font, double-spaced with 1-inch

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