indoor inviroment and building services engineering course work for a specefic 30 storey building ( ill send the brief if intrested

The University is planning to construct a 30 storey building with a plan dimensions of 50m x 50m on the Moulsecoomb campus, which consists of:

Ground floor – a reception/security area, a café and social space with sitting areas

First floor to 6th floor – open plan offices for researchers, 24 hours and 7 days 

7th floor to 30th floor – offices occupied 0800-1800, Monday to Friday.

15th floor & roof – reserved for services

Aiming to be the highest iconic building in the region and to attract high value companies to rent some of the office spaces, the building will be fully air-conditioned with specifications meeting the highest indoor environmental quality. The University also expects significant consideration in the services design to lower the environmental impact through adaptation of efficient low-carbon systems where possible.  

Your tasks and submission

Your task, acting as an assistant to the chief building services engineer, is to produce a preliminary design proposal that meets the requirements described above.  

Your submission will be in the form of an A4 written report supported by drawings, tables, diagrams and photos as appropriate. The design drawings should be original drawings using AUTOCAD or any clear technical hand drawings (clear hand drawings can also be accepted). You will need to submit an electronic copy via My Studies before the deadline. 

Your report should include: 

A cover sheet (Title of your coursework)

A content section which contains chapter headings, sub-headings and page numbers

Individual chapters

Key components. 

Introduction – investigate the site conditions and comment on how they affect the selection and design of the building services for:

Hot water supply

Cold water supply

Electricity supply


Air conditioning

Establish indoor environmental quality criteria for different parts of the building

Identify the building services requirements and establish their design criteria for different areas/rooms of the building

For each of the five services, review and evaluate systems options. Justify your chosen systems.

Draw an annotated schematic diagram for each of the five services, clearly illustrate the design concept.

Draw on plans the locations of the plant rooms and main equipment. Outline the strategy for horizontal and vertical distributions of each of the five services.

Describe the operation and control of each of the five services

Discussion and conclusion

Presentation including, structure, references and bibliography

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