Individual Project Management News Review

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this is assignment of 4 news review. each must be 400 words. APA style with proper references. 

Instructions A wide variety of online and print media sources throughout the world share articles and issues experienced on projects. To keep abreast with contemporary project management issues, students will search for project management news from recognized sources to develop their understanding and knowledge about complexities and uncertainties in projects. This will help them to participate in, contribute to, lead, and succeed in future project opportunities. While each of the four News Review Assignments will have a different topic to review, each should follow a similar process: 1. Choose an Article. The news should be taken from a business news source such as: o The Globe and Mail o Maclean’s o The Vancouver Sun o The Economist o Time o The New York Times o The Independent o The Guardian o Project Management Review, or o other recognized newspapers, journals, or magazines.  Articles should be at least 8-10 paragraphs to provide enough information for you to review.  Articles should discuss current events and should be no more than two months older than the assignment due date.  Avoid using articles published as editorials (opinions, columns), press releases, blogs, or general sources. While often interesting and informative, these tend not to be as thorough or present only one opinion on a topic. 2. Write an Introduction a. The length of an introduction is usually one paragraph in length. Include a few opening sentences that announce the author(s) and the title, publisher, date of publication, and briefly explain the topic of the text. b. The introduction should present the aim of the article and summarize the main finding or key argument. c. Conclude the introduction with a brief statement of your evaluation of the text. This can be a positive or negative evaluation or as is usually the case, a mixed response. 3. Summarize the Article . Present a summary of the key points along with a limited number of examples. a. You can also briefly explain the author’s purpose/intentions throughout the text and describe how the text is organized. b. The summary should only make up about a third of the critical review. 4. Critique the Article . The critique should be a balanced discussion and evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, and notable features of the text. a. Remember to base your discussion on specific criteria. b. Good reviews also include other sources to support the evaluation (remember to reference). c. You can choose how to sequence your critique. Here are some examples to get you started: i. Most important to least important conclusions you make about the text. ii. If your critique is more positive than negative, then present the negative points first and positive last. iii. If your critique is more negative than positive, then present the positive points first and negative last. iv. If there are both strengths and weaknesses for each criterion you use, you need to decide what your judgement is overall. For example, you may want to comment on a key idea in the text and have both positive and negative comments. You could begin by stating what is good about the idea, and then concede and explain how it is limited in some way. While this example shows a mixed evaluation, overall you are probably being more negative than positive. v. In long reviews, you can address each criterion you choose in a paragraph, including both negative and positive points. For very short critical reviews (one page or less) where your comments will be briefer, include a paragraph of positive aspects and another of negative. vi. You can also include recommendations used in the critique section on how the text can be improved in terms of ideas, research approach, theories, or frameworks. 5. Write a Conclusion . This is usually a very short paragraph. Restate your overall opinion of the text. a. Briefly present recommendations. b. If necessary, include some further qualification or explanation of your judgement. This can help your critique sound fair and reasonable. 6. Cite Your References . Cite the source of your article in a properly formatted APA-style reference at the end of the review. a. If you have used other sources in you review you should also include them in this reference list. b. Remember to properly cite your reference if you refer to text from it, either directly in the form of a direct quote or indirectly if you paraphrase. Avoid plagiarism! The review is to be written in accordance with APA style of writing. Each review must be no more than 400 words in total. Focus on the key points and learnings. All Individual Project Management News Reviews MUST be submitted through Moodle Turnitin. Similarity reports must not exceed 15%. News Review 1: Complexity and Uncertainty in Project Management Landscape Upon successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to: • identify a relevant project management news in the media on project failure, • identify and assess the complexities and uncertainties associated with a real-life project in markets that demand speed and agility, • determine mitigation measures that could save the project from distress, and • examine and incorporate business values into the choice of Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) models when dealing with complexities and uncertainties of project. Brief Description The continuous high number of project failures suggests that current project and risk management methodologies are not working. Identify in a relevant project management news media on project failure, evaluate and indicate the mitigation measures that could have saved the project from its predicaments. Evaluation Individual Project Management News Reviews will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall. Activity/Competencies Demonstrated % of Final Grade Critical Analysis and Research /70 a. Depth of analysis of project news /40 b. Relevance of research on project news /30 Communication /20 a. Uses language clearly and effectively /10 b. Information organized intelligently and holistically /10 Style and Mechanics /10 a. APA Referencing and formatting (title, headings, and references) /5 b. Spelling and grammar /5 Total /100 News Review 2: Developing New Products using Extreme Project Management Approach Upon successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to: • understand the key concepts of Extreme project management and how to justify the choice of PMLC model in either Adaptive of Extreme for new product development, • respond to the uncertainties and risks inherent in managing projects in an environment of technological and global economic fluidity, • understand how Extreme projects present the greatest uncertainly and complexity, resulting in high failure rates these types of projects, and • identify the pros and cons of Extreme projects. Brief Description Identify a relevant project management news article on an offshore project or any mega software development project that is in the conceptual stage or preliminary development. This may include but not limited to oil rigs, platoons, space crafts, with high levels of complexities. Based on your review of this news article, (a) indicate the resources that are assigned to the project, including personnel, equipment, and funding relating to budget and cost. (b) What are the uncertainties and/or complexities you can identify as inherent in this project? (c) How would you justify the choice of PMLC model for this Adaptive of Extreme new product development? News Review 3: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Distressed Projects Upon successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to: • recognize a potentially distressed project and conduct root cause analysis, • formulate and implement strategies for preventing projects from becoming distressed projects, • identify early warning signs/signals of high-risk projects and implement strategies to minimize the impact of coming problems, • define dashboard metrics to track project performance over time, and • develop a recovery plan for distressed projects. Brief Description Online/On-Campus Refer to one of the recommended business news sources. Identify a project that has registered some distress failure. Describe a root cause analysis that you would conduct in order to identify early warning signs that might push the project into distress. Describe the discovery plan that you would implement in order to rescue this project. News Review 4: Continuous Process Improvement Program Upon successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to: • recognize the continuous process improvements model (CPIM) for managing projects, • construct the process quality matrix (PQM) and zone mapping, • use and interpret tools for business process analysis, and • implement continuous improvements through the process of making small, incremental improvements within a business in order to improve the quality of project products, services and processes. Brief Description Today’s fast-paced, high-change project environments, coupled with organizations where formal project management may not be its strong suit, are often short on the necessary upfront planning. 1. Search relevant project management news in the media on a distressed project in Canada or any location in North America and provide practical ideas and strategies for the prevention, behaviour detection, analysis, recovery and control of the distressed projects, focusing on where the project is in relation to its original goals/targets, and realigning the project objectives. 2. Describe the continuous process improvements model as a way to improve the quality of project products, and to sustain a competitive position in fast-paced information-age industries.  

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