Income Statement Paper

Please write a 1-page paper after analyzing Community Health Systems (CHS), 10-K to include the following: 1st Paragraph: Provide an overview of what you learned about CHS from their 10-K. What services do they provide? Describe any important activity they endured during the calendar year, and summarize their financial health. 2nd – 3rd Paragraphs: After reviewing their Income Statement on page 83, perform any relevant ratio, vertical, and horizontal analysis and describe your findings. 4th Paragraph: Suggest 1-2 key strategies you might use in order to improve the financial performance of CHS. Do not analyze their Balance Sheet or Statement of Cash Flows, this paper should focus solely on their Income Statement.

Your paper should be formatted to abide by the following guideline: 

  •  12 point, Arial Narrow Font 
  • Paragraph Spacing :
  • 0 pt Before 
  • 6 pt After 
  • 1.5 Line Spacing
  • One inch margins
  • NO sources
  • Professional Writing Style (write like you are preparing a report to the CEO)
  • Do not include a title or your name & class info within the paper 
  • 1-page min & max (fill up the entire page, do not go over 1 page)
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