The following website models impacts that might occur in our solar system. 

Explore collisions that might occur on Earth. Change the size of the object (think about the sizes of objects around you–say a pea, an orange, a table, a house, a bus, and airplane, etc) and the composition (metal, rock, or ice), as well as the velocity. When you click “kaboom!” it will tell you what the effect is of an object that size hitting the Earth and how often such an impact is expected to occur. If there is an impact site on Earth that is known to be the result of this type of impact, it will list it. Discuss the effect of size, composition, and speed on the impact, giving examples, for at least 5 different impacts. At the end, discuss how likely you think it is that an impact could affect your life on Earth and how likely it is that an impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Again, cite examples. Note that the program lists the effect and a location–this location is random and does not need to be recorded. If we know of an impact of this size, it will give you an example.

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