Image Analysis

Choose an image from the list from Chapter17 and interpret the image. This should be achieved in 2 – 3 pages essay, with 2 peer reviewjournal articles, and written in third person point of view.To compose an effective essay, a writer works with a number of elements that are remarkablysimilar from one medium to the other. Both stories and pictures contain information presentedby a writer who has a particular point of view and arranges the work in several dimensionalspace. The information is likely to be open to multiple interprets, which may or may not bejustified by the text. Although the sharing of personal opinions and beliefs have value, the focushere is on interpreting or analyzing texts in combination with your personal experiences.Both words and pictures convey information, but each does so in different ways that requireinterpretation. Interpretation is the sense a person makes of a piece of communication—textual,oral, or visual. It includes personal experience, the context in which the communication is made,and other rhetorical elements. (See Glance at Genre: Relationship Between Image andRhetoric for a list of key terms related to visual elements and rhetoric.) As a scholar, you haveinternalized strategies to help you critically understand a variety of written texts or images.Images present a different set of challenges for critical readers. For example, in a photograph ordrawing, information is presented simultaneously, so viewers can start or stop anywhere theylike. Because visual information is presented in this way, its general meaning may be apparent ata glance, while more nuanced or complicated meanings may take longer to figure out and likelywill vary from one viewer to another.Figure 17.3 (credit: “DSCF1343” Figure 17.4 (credit: “Kodak Digital Waterfall” Figure 17.5 Gaza Strip mural Figure 17.6 State flag of Mississippi Figure 17.7 The current state flag ofMississippi Figure 17.8 Sample image 1: EPA flag with logo Figure 17.9 Sample image 2: Waterpouring from a faucet into a clear glassFigure 17.10 Sample image 3: Womanholding a cup of brown liquid Figure 17.11 Images from nature Figure 17.13 Boats carrying tourists in Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh Figure 17.14 Self-Portrai

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