Identify sparks or pallotta’s argument

The Assignment: This assignment asks you to identify Sparks’ or Pallotta’s argument and evaluate how

persuasive their argument would be to a thoughtful and informed member of their intended audience by

examining their article in the light of other arguments made on that same topic. The goal here is not to write

an agree-disagree paper, but rather to consider how the additional sources you find can be used to reframe

Sparks’ or Pallotta’s position. Your outside sources will be used to analyze, qualify, and/or add to the

argument. This new understanding will be used to evaluate the overall strength of Sparks’ or Pallotta’s piece.

You may consider a variety of issues for this piece, such as how well Sparks or Pallotta uses evidence or

represents evidence gathered from other sources. (Thus, one potential set of sources you find might include

original sources used by either Sparks or Pallotta, or other texts using the same or similar evidence.) You

may also consider the extent to which Sparks or Pallotta has considered and responded to different claims

and arguments already made on the topic, particularly those represented by the additional sources, or

evidence that may seem not to fit with Sparks’ or Pallotta’s claims

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