Identify an actual media case which includes ethical considerations

Identify an actual media case which includes ethical considerations (product liability, bribery, workplace safety, workplace diversity, social media, etc.). The case may involve national or local news media, advertisers, or media entertainment in magazines, movies, books, etc. It may involve advertising, public relations, or journalism. 

Identify the ethical issue posed by the case, and answer the following questions:

· Introduction: What is the ethical issue/problem?

· Are there any other external or internal factors to be considered? (Economic, political, etc.)

· Which ethical theories should be applied in this ethical case?

· What stakeholders would be affected the most in this case?

· Has the company applied corporate responsibility?

· What is the role of government in this ethical dilemma?

· Do you think this business used organizational integrity? Why or why not?

· Explain the term vicarious liability. Should vicarious liability be applied in this case? Why or why not?

· Conclusion: Determine a course of action based on your analysis.

include the question as well as answer/ type 2-3 questions on each slide. the font can be small if needed but each question has to have at leats 4-7 sentences if you can please greatly apprecatied it 

 please include a refernece slide it doesnt have to be in format thank you so much

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