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Week 10.1 Essay 3 and Annotated Works Cited 1


In most states, Blacks are incarcerated at a level five times higher than Whites (Some states are 10 times higher). Is the US justice system racially biased? Write a 4 to 6-page essay supporting your position with evidence from at least 4 articles from the Reedley College Library’s databases and 2 credible websites. No more than 15% of your essay can include quotes. This means if you submit your essay and Turnitin gives it a 20% similarity rating, you should paraphrase some of your quotes. All quotes and paraphrases must be cited using proper MLA format. 

Annotated Works Cited

You will write an Annotated Works Cited for the articles we read as a class and two additional articles of your choice. The content in the annotation paragraphs should include the following:

The author, credentials, title, and main idea in the first sentence.

A brief summary including the types of support or evidence presented by the article. In this section, do not include specific statistics or a quote.

A connection to your essay stating where in your essay you could use information from the reading.

See this page on more details on how to write an annotated works cited. Annotated Works Cited.

For your Essay 3 (Week 10.1 Essay 3 and Annotated Works Cited 1) complete an outline (see below) and create a works cited with the sources you plan to use. This means you should create an outline, identify gaps of knowledge or information, find sources, complete the outline, then put the sources into a works cited page. The outline below is just an example. You can add more paragraphs than is listed. Please note that there is a counterargument paragraph. Review this page Week 10.4 Counterargument Paragraphs if you can’t remember what counterargument paragraphs are. 

Outline format

I. Thesis statement: 

II. Reason 1 topic sentence:

Support (make a list): 

III. Reason 2 topic sentence:

Support (make a list): 

IV. Reason 3 (or more) topic sentence:

Support (make a list): 

V. Topic sentence about other side. (Counterargument paragraph)

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