Hydrogen Technology – Hydrogen for decarbonization of the steel industry

Essay topic 

Green hydrogen is poised to become the clean energy carrier for the world to transit toward a low-carbon and sustainable future. 

There are many other existing and upcoming uses for hydrogen which can significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. For example, hydrogen could be used to decarbonize the steel-making industry, which currently generates up to 8% of global CO2 emissions. 

The goal of this essay is to perform a literature review on using “Hydrogen for the decarbonization of the steel industry”

Format as follows:

Executive Summary


Steel-making and its significance in the economy

Steel-making and its associated CO2 emissions before hydrogen


Why are people interested in decarbonizing the Steel-making industry using hydrogen

What is hydrogen’s advantages, benefits, limitations, and challenges as an option to decarbonize steel-making industry

What are the competing technologies? 

Main Body – Physics, Price & Policies

Physics – How does it work? Technical details of the technology and the latest state-of-the-art developments

Price – How much does it cost to use hydrogen to decarbonize the steel-making industry

Policies – What are the general policies about steel-making’s emissions and decarbonization? Pick a country as a case study that uses hydrogen to decarbonize steel-making and what policies are involved.


What are the top problems that need to be solved before the practical adoption of hydrogen to decarbonize steel-making


Concluding remarks and outlook.

Areas for future research


All claims and figures need to be backed by citations, including technical details and competing technology


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