How well does moderniSation theory explain the level of democracy-autocracy in China between 1990 and 2020?

Please cite everything!!!!! Please do not leave any statement uncited!!!! This is extremely important!!!!

2000 word essay.

  • Use data and online analysis tools from the V-Dem (linked) and World Values Survey (linked) websites, as well as readings and materials from the course.
  • Identify two measures of socio-economic and/or cultural modernisation from the V-Dem & World Values Survey databases that you would expect to influence your country’s level of democracy / autocracy based on your understanding of modernisation theory. After you select the measures of your two variables explain and justify your choices.
  • Discuss how well the observed data fit the theoretical expectations of modernisation theory.
  • Identify additional factors associated with other theories of democratisation covered in the course and discuss how these variables might help to account for the level of democracy / autocracy observed in your chosen country over the 30 year period.
  • Conclude by evaluating how well modernisation theory, the data used and analysis of a single case over time lend insight into the determinants of liberal democracy.
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