How should America deliver healthcare?

How Should America Deliver Healthcare?


Take a position on how the United States should deliver healthcare.


Take a position on how the United States should deliver healthcare:

  • Free, Universal
  • Keep status quo-insurance companies as intermediaries
  • Privatize
  • Other suggestion

Provide research to back your position:

  • Data from other countries
  • Cost to individuals and government
  • How many Americans will be covered? How many won’t?
  • Anticipated healthcare outcomes
  • Prescription costs
  • Changes for healthcare professionals
  • Overall effect on budget-increase or decrease spending?
  • Pros and cons of your system

Submission and Assessment Guidelines

  • Meets 1200 word minimum
  • Takes a position and supports it with objective evidence
  • Does not include “I” statements
  • Incorporates credible evidence such as statistics, data, or quotes from experts but does not include your opinion
  • Is proofread with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • It is well-organized with similar topics together
  • Includes relevant vocabulary from your readings
  • Includes transitions to assist with flow and readability
  • APA Format
  • Includes an APA (7th edition) formatted reference page with two scholarly sources as well as in-text citation
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