How do communication and visitation policies in prison impact interpersonal relationships and recidivism?


Your methods section will vary depending on what type of analysis you are doing. It is best to err on the side of caution and always put more information in about your methods. (You can always take some out later.) The goal of this section is to explain what you did such that someone else could replicate your study. This does not mean you should put every tiny detail in your methods, but it does mean you should work to be very clear, use appropriate terminology, and keep this section extremely organized. (ASA Format) I. Sample a. Who- Describe your final research sample (subjects, documents, etc.). How did you decide on this sample? What key characteristics do they have? b. How many- Is this a subsection of a larger population? (If so, what technique did you use to select these subjects?) If human subjects- what was your response rate? Do you have information about who chose not to participate? c. When- Is this a cross-sectional or longitudinal study? Over what time period did you collect data? d. Where- Did you get data from multiple areas? Just one? e. How- What methodology did you use to collect your data? i. Describe your sampling method ii. Describe your instrument iii. Describe your variables measured II. Analytic Strategy a. This section should explain how you completed your analysis. How is your data analyzed? i. If you were doing qualitative analysis you can discuss your coding scheme. You should list important questions and include a full copy of the questionnaire in the appendix. ii. If you worked on a quantitative analysis, you should mention your equations/statistical approach. What were your independent and dependent variables and how were they measured? You should list important questions and include a full copy of the questionnaire in the appendix.   III. Why did you make these choices? a. This does not have to be long, but you have to justify why your methodology is scientifically sound. Explain why the methods were appropriate for your question or were the optimal methods for this type of analysis.

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If this does not take two pages, please look over my results section for quality, flow, and structure. This should not take long. My entire thesis is due Friday at midnight! I am in jeopardy of graduating.

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