How can accounting help intellectually disabled people

The essay must be 12pt, Times Roman, doubled spaced and be a minimum of three pages. You should have three in-text citations with a Works Cited or Reference page. Your name, instructor, class and date should be align on the left top of the paper. The essay should indicate to the reading audience how your major and or goals can help the intellectually disabled population. That help can come in all forms to include how can music can improve their lives, can social justice improve their life, can atheletics improve their life, etc. You can take into consideration any music, story, video, or field trip with which the class was involved in the essay. You can take into consideration family or friend dynamics and or life events that might help that population. You may also use your introductory paragraph assignment in the essay. The essay may be turned in early, but will be barred after 11:59pm on 10/15/22 You will be graded on writing process lectured on in class to include; Thesis, paragraph support, grammar, sentence structure, word choice, context, and source support.

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