Houston Bound by Tyina Steptoe compared and related to The Outsiders Movie

Purpose of assignment: to master not only content of material covered in class readings, but also make critical and original analytical connections. (To take different forms of analysis, theories, or methodologies and apply them in different ways to a range of sources, time periods, and regions in the Southwest). Description: 1) Content and Organization The paper has a thesis. It is well-written, well-organized, and evidenced. It has a logical flow. The paragraphs connect and develop the thoughts throughout the essay. (Min req: at least 3 full pages, uses book, has outside source/item of analysis). 2) Demonstration of Knowledge (of book and source) In the paper, I should get the sense that you read and understood the book and have a solid understanding of the source you chose. To show you have a grasp of the book, you should discuss the key period or form of analysis that you are using from the class reading. (For example: If you chose the film La La Land, you might describe how Deverell explores how the erasure of ethnic Mexicans was central to the creation of LA as a “city of the future.”) I should also get a sense of what your source is and what it is about. 3) Application and Analysis (of book and source) After demonstrating your knowledge of the reading, you should then be able to apply the analysis or ideas of the book to your source. (Continuing with the example, how does La La Land perpetuate ethnic Mexican erasure in the ideas of LA as the quintessential “American” city). 4) Connection Here I’m looking at how strong your analytical and explicative connection is. Did you briefly mention your source and vaguely say it’s connected? Or, did you through use of similar analysis, concept, or time period show how your source is connected? 

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