House Made Of Dawn Essay


Below I will attach the prompt from the professor. I have already written a large chunk of this with most of my idea already shown, I just need everything to be connected together and flow from a good thesis. In addition to that there are certain instances in the book that I want to cite but can’t find the page number. 

So If you are gonna write this then please be familiar with House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday or read the summary so you can talk about certain things in the plot. 

This essay asks you to consider a conflict you think is crucial to understanding House Made of Dawn. The conflict may be large or small, central or marginal to the novel. As I indicated in class, choose a conflict that interests you, that perplexes you, that raises questions for you about the novel. Length: at least 1100 words


 1. What is the central conflict, in your view? 2. Which side–if any–does the text seem to favor? 

3. What’s your evidence? (When presenting evidence, please remember the “sandwich” technique–context for the quotation, the quotation itself, and your interpretation.)

 4. How might others interpret the evidence differently? 

5. How do you respond?

6. So what difference does your viewpoint make to understanding the novel? Reminders: Please leave enough time for at least one revision of the essay. In other words, don’t begin writing too late in the evening. Please proofread carefully to correct grammatical and stylistic mistakes. Try reading the draft aloud to “hear” where revision needs to take place. The assumption is that there will be no more than 3 grammatical errors in the essay. 

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