Hospitality Innovator Interview

The discussion should be deep and reveal that you understand the concepts discussed in this class (PPT Provided) The format of the assignment should be fluid, with no bullet points or verbatim quotes of the interviewee’s responses.

Editorial format guidelines 

• Cover page: should include only your names and the title of the assignment (maximum 1 page) 

• Assignment: should include the body of the assignment, without your name, affiliation, or other identifiers. • References page: should include a way for the reader to access the works you used. If you cite websites, please make sure the links work.

• Writing style: No usage of the first person. No definitions (except for technical terms unknown to the general public). No need to copy/paste the guiding questions from above into your assignment. 

• File format and length: Word document file, with a total number of words between 500 and 1,500 (excluding tables, figures, and references). The choice of format (font size and type, heading style, line spacing, alignment, margins) is left at your discretion. 

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