Hospital Compare

Go to the following website: HHS Hospital Compare website: Medicare Hospital Compare WebsiteLinks to an external site.

Find data for three (3) area hospitals (one can be the hospital where you work or 3 local hospitals). You will then compare this data to national and your state (Florida or where you are located) data through the Hospital Compare site. You will need to explore this site to locate the comparison tables. You will need to click through several screens to get the required data. Select either the Survey of Patient’s Experiences OR the Timely and Effective Care tab to prepare your paper. Your paper will focus on only the information within ONE TAB (Patient Care Experiences OR Timely & Effective Care).

Hospitals in my area are Fawcett Memorial, ShorePoint Port Charlotte,  SMH Sarasota.

Your paper will address the following information:

The purposes of the data collection by the U.S. government. Explore information on the impact these scores have on hospital operations, finances, quality, and safety. How do consumers evaluate this information to judge the quality of care in a technology-laden environment? 

Select one specific question (HCAHPS) or care issue from the collated results. Discuss results for your institution for the selected criteria from the nursing unit level perspective compared to the two (2) other local hospitals and state and national data. Include the data you found for this one question. Do not use all the hospitals in ONE system(i.e. You would not use Lee Memorial, Cape Coral Hospital, and Gulf Coast Hospital because they are all part of Lee Health). 

Did you identify a gap in practice that needs improvement and could improve the score?

Develop a concrete plan using the Foundation of Knowledge Model and SMART GoalsLinks to an external site. to improve the score you selected for change. This section should be the focus of your paper. You must use the information (Plan-Do-Study-Act) obtained in the IHI Quality Improvement modules to develop your plan.

The specific steps in the plan you develop must include:

The proposed interventions and timeline for implementation of the interventions

How you will measure the effectiveness or success of your plan (metric)

Timeframe for measurement of results, be specific. Must be related to the metrics you would use to measure the success of your plan

a brief description of any tools or projects to be used in the proposed plan and implementation

How you will “promote” the plan to your manager and co-workers to gain support for the project

Your paper should reflect your synthesis of the literature you find with appropriate references to support your plan. This will involve investigating patient hospital experience literature and process improvement content and methods.

The paper should be 4-6 pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages with required content (above #1). Be clear, concise, and answer the presented questions. Learning gained from the IHI Open School QI courses is important to assist you in completing this paper.

All papers and reference citations will follow the APA Student Paper format. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition). This will include a title page, reference page, headings for each topic, and in-text citations for all references. You will need at least 3 current (published within the last 5 years) peer-reviewed references. 

Title of Paper

            Your introductory paragraph will be written here, between the title of the paper and the Level 1 heading below (Purpose of Data Collection by the US Government)

Purpose of Data Collection by the US Government

Question or Issue You Chose (Identify it in this Level 1 heading)

Data for Question or Issue (Specify question or issue)

            In the paragraph(s) for this section of your paper, identify the three hospitals and the data you found. Did you identify a gap in practice that needs improvement and could improve the score?

Concrete Plan to Improve the Score You Selected (Specify the score you selected)

            In the paragraphs for this section, you will include all information from #5 above. To help with the organization of this section, you can write a separate paragraph for each of the required items OR you can use Level 2 headings to identify each of the required items. Remember to use SMART goals to develop a concrete plan for improving the score you selected (see the link provided above on writing smart goals).



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