Historiography of Ancient Greece

Research Paper: This class will have a research component for which the final product will be a paper. I am open to non-written formats (such as a podcast), but PLEASE talk to me early if you are interested in an alternative so that we can make sure the topic will work and it checks all the necessary “research” boxes. The crucial parts of this assignment are to 1) coordinate with me as early as possible so that we can discuss the feasibility of the project and appropriate scope, and 2) for you to critically apply some of the themes, topics, and analytical skills the course has emphasized throughout the semester. The topic of the paper is open—you take a closer look at one of weekly topics (though your paper cannot solely replicate what we already discussed in class), or choose a different example relating to archaeology and its reception by the public and/or scholars, or even a case study outside of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern archaeology. Your research paper should have a thesis and thread of argument, but this does not need to be groundbreaking. You could also do a type of “historiography”—i.e., an analysis of the way an archaeological site, material, or aspect of the ancient Greek past has been treated over time in either media or academic scholarship (or both).A paragraph-length description or abstract (c. 150-200 words) of your project/topic proposal is due at the end of Week 11 (Nov. 4) with a list of 5 relevant sources (as appropriate). These both count towards the overall final project grade, but you are not locked into this topic (i.e., if you work a bit more and it doesn’t seem feasible, you can alter or change—but don’t wait until the last minute!). It is recommended you start on gathering bibliography as soon as your topic is approved so that accessibility to resources can be ensured as much as possible. The final paper should be 10-12 pages, double spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font and is due Dec. 13th.

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