Historical Math

1. Research some popular games of chance that Blaise Pascal or Daniel Bernoulli would have studied. Be prepared to explain the expected outcomes of these games and how this relates to the study of Probability. Find at least 2-3 different sources of information. 

2. Create a new Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx) document on your computer, and write 1-2 pages (please see formatting information below) explaining the people identified above, their games of chance, the outcomes of these games, and how it relates to the study of Probability in your own words. Please cite 2-3 references from websites that are reputable (they have a “.edu” extension).  Note: headings, titles, references, blank lines etc. do not count towards the more than one page requirement. 

Please follow MLA formatting: * Double spaced * 12pt font * 1″ margins * Indent paragraphs * Include a Works Cited page (separate page, not included in the 1-2 page requirement) 

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