Hello! this is a paper about a teaching experience about Breastfeeding. Make up a patient and patient history (medical history) for a pregnant women. Overall, this paper should consist about teaching breastfeeding to a women who is expecting. 

Please follow the rubric and instructions I will attach. Thank you.


1. Clear and concise discussion of patient’s admission diagnosis, demographic data, and anticipated learning needs. Clear and comprehensive patient assessment data to support a 

eficient knowledge nursing diagnosis.

2. Clear and complete assessment of learner (patient /family), teaching needs, and special learning needs if present. Clear identification of patient’s strengths and weaknesses relevant to learning needs.

3. Open and closing remarks that capture the patient’s attention. Clear and correct statement of 2 teaching objectives. Clear and organized presentation of evidence-based patient teaching.

4. Direct eye contact and appropriate gestures/movements during teaching. Relaxed, self-confident nature and no mistakes during teaching.

5. Use of clear speech and inflection maintains the interest of the learner.

6. Clear/appropriate evaluation of patient’s response and effectiveness/ineffectiveness of teaching. Reflective analysis of teaching including discussion of strengths and weaknesses.

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