Health Psychology: Discuss the interaction between mental and physical health




– write a research paper similar to a literature review discussing what information is currently known about your topic. 

Include a discussion of psychological concepts AND key research findings relevant to your chosen topic. Your incorporation of concepts and research should come from the information you find through your reading of scholarly sources and journal articles.  

 Your paper will be organized into three main sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion (do not label them as such). Organize your paper according to relevant themes. Include specific examples that support theory and research. 

The body of the paper must be five (5) full pages in length, with an additional APA-style title page and References page. 

Incorporate a minimum of 4 SCHOLARLY references (you may use your textbook as one reference). Avoid using internet sources such as Wikipedia or other web-based resources that do not have strong academic backing. 

Use in-text references in your work in accordance with the most current (7th) edition of APA style to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism detection software will be used to scan each paper.

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