Health Care Law Position

Healthcare law position final paper description and instructions:

Each student is required to produce a final paper based on the healthcare law topic. 

The paper must explore a healthcare law question where there is debate as to how to deal with the question raised. 

 Mandatory outline for the paper, (sections that are required to be in your paper.) you must label each section accordingly.

 I. Introduction 

• what is the topic? 

 •Why have you chosen this topic? 

II. Discussion 

• unbiased background information to understand the topic 

• multiple position/arguments

• supporting documentation, used by each side to support her argument you should not include your personal opinion regarding the topic you pick to discuss.

III. Conclusion 

Ramification to patients, provider, payers (insurance companies, government agencies, if applicable) of position/arguments 

Works Cited 

 You must use the APA method throughout the paper 

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