health assessment and physical history!/4/2/12%5Bp0020%5D/1:181%5BIt%20%2Crec%5D!/4/2/12%5Bp0020%5D/1:181%5BIt%20%2Crec%5D

include the book as the source the links are uploaded chapter 4 is health history 

unit 3 is all of physical examation!/4/2/4/2%5BPN%5D/1:4%5Bnit%2C%203%5D!/4/2/4/2%5BPN%5D/1:4%5Bnit%2C%203%5D

you should be able to use those two links to show how each paragraph should be answered the rubric will be uploaded below please follow very detailed Physical Examination and Health Assessment

Carolyn Jarvis 

that is the name of the book as well if the links arent avabilable , use resources no more than 5 years old  

examples are posted below 

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