Half Moon Bay Midterm

Writing Question:

Based on our text, Half Moon Bay, is Alice LaPlante a racist?Writing Question:

An important note: I am not asking if there is racism in the text; nor, am I asking if the book is racist. The writing question is asking if Alice LaPlante, based on what is in Half Moon Bay, is a racist. See the essential distinction?

Helpful questions: 1./ How are the killers in Half Moon Bay described? What does this description connote? Can this description become symbolic? Of whatHelpful questions:

Consider LaPlante’s description of Alma,

“Despite her [Alma] dark hair and skin, her eyes are a strange blue-green, very intense” (LaPlante 67)

Consider how LaPlante’s describes Adam,

“Adam’s long body is bent over the rough wooden table, over the plants he has nurtured from seeds, his longish blondish hair brushing the green tops” (LaPlante 20)

Consider LaPlante’s description of Edward,

“ He [Edward] has a face that would heal wounds. Dark complexion, high cheekbones. Very black course wavy hair. Deep brow-black

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