Genetics lab report

The lab report is about using mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) to compare class mtDNA control region sequences to ancient hominid & chimpanzee sequences and to calculate the date of divergence of modern human and compare it to the two models discussed (“documents to use”)

Please do the Abstract, Results, and Discussion sections of the lab report.

1. I have already done the introduction and Materials and methods.

2. Do the results first. Also, please read the rubric and the documents I attached for how I got the results and what the lab report is asking for.

3. I have already done Table 1 that the rubric is asking for (using the document titled “Using the NCBI Databases” and “NCBI Blast_Nuclotide Sequence- Document for results“. Please write a description for table 1, and make table 2 and 3 with the data in the document titled “Calculate the average proportional divergence”.

4. Write a results paragraph after the 3 tables (each with a description or a caption).

5. Do the discussion.

Please try to do it on time. I have a funeral to attend, but I really need this grade. If you have questions, please ask. I will make sure to answer on time. I have attached every document needed. Please continue writing in the lab report in process (attached).

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