Gender & Sexuality


Directions: Develop a research essay focused on Dr. Fausto Sterling’s “The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough” and “Gender” by Jack Halberstam into a four to five (4-5) page essay which has the following components: A thesis statement with supporting points in your introduction paragraph which includes the pertinent information for your primary text. (See handout on How to Introduce Your Subject). Body paragraphs which flow logically and are connected by cohesive transition sentences. Concrete examples which support your thesis and drive your discussion forward. A conclusion paragraph. What is the author’s ethos and thesis? What can you conclude with the information that the author provides the reader on the subject of sex and biology? You may want to unify your thesis under a unifying theme. Themes and concepts for this assignment include, but are not limited to: Social Gender Norms, the Medical Institution’s Role in how we live, Non-consensual Surgeries on Intersex Infants, Medical Ethics, Mental Health, Gender and Sexuality, Population Rate of Intersex Individuals, Polyamory or Polyandry, Children’s Medical Rights, Stigma and Stereotypes, Personal Freedom/Autonomy/Agency, Levi Suydam’s Voting Dilemma, Medical Privacy and Politics, Forced Medical Evaluations, Modern Understanding of the Intersex Body Thus Far, Emma and the Economy of Women, Michel Foucault’s Theory on Biopower (as it pertains to the primary text), the Failure of Binary Oppositions, the Western Anxiety of Sex and Sexuality, and the Importance of Medical Case Histories.

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