Gender in Advertising


Gender in Advertising Write an essay in which you examine the damaging gender messages advertising perpetuates. Choose an advertisement and write on either male gender expectations OR female gender expectations. This must be a print advertisement, no commercials. The advertisement must also be recent, within the last ten years.

• MLA format • Attention-getting introduction that establishes a clear context for the two part thesis statement with a claim and a sense of purpose • Clear topic sentences in each body paragraph that support the thesis and include a reference to the thesis • At least two body paragraphs that define the gender expectation and that include 2 specific examples with 2-3 sentences of analysis for each example • Transitional phrases to connect sentences and ideas smoothly • Insightful conclusion that connects the theme of the work to something more universal and includes a call to action • Use Formal Essay guidelines in Canvas to revise the paper before submitting • Length between 1.5 and 2 pages • Must be submitted to Turnitin on the due date specified in the syllabus

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