freshman, building relationships

Review the case: 

Examine the solutions: See Canvas Module 6 (Top Ideas) You must first read the case (see link above) and examine the solutions (see Canvas Module 6). Next, you must examine a problem that students experience and develop a solution to address this problem. You must apply the Design Thinking approach to complete this assignment.

Q.- Ideate/Prototype: Develop a solution to solve this problem (the problem your team identified), describe the solution and the process you took to develop it. It is recommended that you develop a quick and low cost prototype, and include it with your report (e.g., sketch, picture etc).

Deliverable: Submit a report responding to the above questions, document the process you undertook to conduct the problem-solution analysis. Submit evidence you gathered.
My teams idea is thw following:

Create an app for freshman → building relationships


 -Netflix party for events 

 -ORGS and student union can post events (for all the dates/locations/consistent information) 

-Freshman floors/dorms can create their own events EX: Zura Floor 6 vs SCP Floor 5 soccer game

basically the idea is to offer a platform where students can create their own events but also see the details and information of all events on campus from student orgs, clubs, and associated students. 

Please write a page with details about an app that can be build with those details! Thank youuu!!

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