For this assignment, you will begin by reviewing the NASW Code of Ethics. Then, prepare a written response to the following:

What does the NASW Code of Ethics mean to the profession of social work and the people that social workers serve?

How do you imagine yourself practicing the ideas expressed in the NASW Code of Ethics in your social work practice? 

What obstacles or challenges might get in the way of practicing the mission of social work as defined in the NASW Code of Ethics?

Think back to the Grand Challenges for Social Work social issue/problem you selected and discussed for the Week 1 assignment.

 Identify and discuss the profession’s core value that you believe most clearly plays a role in working with people experiencing this social issue/problem.

Identify two specific ethical standards from the NASW Code of Ethics that you think might become the most significant ethical challenge in addressing the Grand Challenges for Social Work issue/problem from Week 1. 

Explain why you chose those specific standards. For example, the most recently revised Code contains information on texting clients, electronic communication, Facebook, etc., which may present ethical issues for social workers who use social media.

In your own words, define the term ethical “gray area.” For each of the two challenges, you identified above, give an example of an ethical “gray area” and develop at least one recommendation for how a social worker might handle such a situation.

Discuss how your ethical values compare and contrast with the NASW Code of Ethics that you are required to follow as a professional?

Finally, locate the Social Work Licensing Board website for your state and explore any recommendations or provisions the Board may suggest for resolving ethical dilemmas. In addition, research any relevant laws in your state that may be relevant to your identified issue. In your paper, discuss what you did- or did not- find for your specific state.

Provide examples to support your findings.

References: Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.

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