find trends in the cyber profession

Turn Research Into Compelling Graduate-Level AnalysisAfter reviewing the many sources available to you, you will choose those that are relevant, timely, and helpful to your understanding of the issues of your industry or field of study. This should enable you to refine your search terms to find resources that will help you identify the top trends in your industry. A trend could be something well-known in the industry, a new development, or something you consider unrecognized or disputed. It is recommended that you choose the industry or subject area of your graduate program, so that your research will prepare you for your program of study. Your research will provide evidence for your conclusions about the trends you choose, and your initial choices may change as you read more deeply. Review resources in periodicals, journals, newspapers, industry blogs, and other websites to choose the best references to inform your choice of trends. Use industry-specific keywords and take notes on your reading because you will be building on this research for the next phase in which you will choose an issue of interest (it could be within one of the three top trends or it could be new) and conduct deeper research. In the scenario, your research paper is intended to prepare the search committee members to interview candidates by informing them about the emerging, contemporary trends and issues in your field or industry. If your committee is well-prepared to interview candidates rigorously, your organization will be poised to choose the best person for the job. 

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