Find Innovation where you least expect it

This journal has two parts. 

Part 1 – Read the article: Find Innovation where you least expect it:

After reading this article, evaluate a problem you recently worked to resolve in your organization. 

– Identify which of the 3 “Fixedness Traps” you feel hindered your innovation/resolution 

– Describe how you arrived at an outcome and if or how you broke through the fixedness or came to a predictable resolution. 

– What suggestions do you have for yourself or work team to move beyond it next time? 

Part 2 – Reflect on the what you learned about your thinking processes overall and how you view yourself as a thinker. What do you now understand about yourself and are you setting any stretch aspirations for yourself in these areas?

I work in Financial Aid, and have attached a paper that addresses some of these problems currently. 

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