Find an article published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry or Organic Letters that has been published in 

the last ten years and contains a mechanism that is at least two combined steps in length. 

submit the following in the indicated format:

A two-page maximum summary and critique of the articlefollowed by a recreation of the mechanism(s) 

within the paper fabricated using either ChemSketch or MarvinSketch.  The summary should include:

– The question(s) or gaps in the literature that the article addresses

– The original work presented in the article

– The experimental approach

note that this is not a recreation of the experimental section and only an overview on how the work was 

accomplished is necessary.

– A personal critique suggesting any future work that may be performed to improve or advance the study.

Remember to recreate the mechanism(s) in the article by using ChemSketch or MarvinSketch!!!

*The ChemSketch (.sk2) or MarvinSketch (.mrv) file and tutorial used to create the recreated mechanism will be 

attached below*

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