Final Project

I HAVE ATTACHED A COPY OF THE PREVIOUS PAPERS AND THE GRADING RUBRIC NEEDED TO BE     FOLLOWED.The areas to be included in the Individual Course Project Final Paper are: Background, Workforce Demand, Total Costs of Workforce, Workforce Analysis, Change Management, Results and Conclusion / Recommendations. The individual weekly papers, if properly researched and completed should provide sufficient information to include in the above list of sections for the final paper. 

 You are to be cautioned to not think of the marketing and funding of the organization, but only the building of the staff with a Strategic Workplace Planning (SWP) strategy. 

 There are two distinct components within this one Individual Course Project – Final Course Project Paper deliverable for this week. Be sure and include both components. 

 Complete and include a comprehensive assessment of all costs involved for hiring, training, and the longevity of the employees of this strategic business unit. 

Workforce Analytics are to be included in this section of the paper. Consider this section to be more quantitative in nature than qualitative. The aformentioned information is to be included as a component section of your final course project paper. Be sure to include at least four (4) scholarly references with in-text citations.

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