Final Paper

Please watch the video I sent to because I was not able to upload it in the additional materials section because the video size was large. This is a video of my professor explaining the directions for the final paper, how to write it, and what to write. The video is very important to watch before starting the paper. You are to basically look at two arguments on a topic and then insert your own opinion on the general argument agreeing or disagreeing with one person or the other and explaining your reasons. My professor explains it better in the directions video so please make sure to watch it before starting the paper. The topic the paper will be on is reparations and you will be looking at the argument of Fullinwider and the argument of Perez and your own stance (appropriately explained in the video). I have attached both Fullinwider and Perez readings that are to be used for writing this paper as well as the PowerPoint presentations on both readings from my professor in the additional materials section. No outside sources or outside research are to be used and only primary sources which are the Fullinwider and Perez readings that I have attached are to be used for citing (which will be done in the form of paraphrasing). No plagiarism at all. Once you have watched the video from my professor and understood the directions on how to write the paper and once you have read the readings and gotten familiar with the two arguments on reparations of Fullinwider vs Perez please message me before starting the paper and tell me what approach you will be taking in the paper in terms of what your own argument on the issue of reparations will be so that I can approve your argument that you have come up with for the paper as this paper is heavily reliant on showing two opposing arguments on a certain issue and then giving your own argument on the issue which is why I need to know which argument you have come up with on your own for the paper after getting familiar with Perez and Fullinwider’s arguments on Reparations.

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