Final- Federal Government


1. Is the Bill of Rights relevant to you and why? 2. If you were the President of the USA, who would you nominate for the Supreme Court and why? 3. When did the slave trade end and when did slavery end? Include the key dates and events that lead to the endings and describe the differences between these two historical issues. Make sure to site all pertinent parts of the USA Constitution? 4. Is affirmative action constitutional? 5. What is gerrymandering and what is redistricting, when do they happen and how do they interrelate? 6. What does the USA Constitution say about parties? 7. Are you a Federalist or an Anti-Federalist and why ? – – – 

 Regardless of the how a question is asked, you MUST ALWAYS use 3rd Person Active Voice and NEVER use 1st person (eg do not use “I” or “ME”).

You must UNDERLINE your Thesis Statement for each question (one and only one underlined sentence per numbered question). You should have seven thesis statements matching the seven questions. You are to answer all the questions using standard MLA/APA college format (eg double spaced, 11-12 font, 1″ margins, citations, no contractions, etc.).  Your thesis must not be more than 3 lines of your paper. 

How many pages should each question be ? Answer –> write what it takes to have a solid and thoughtful answer . . . including a very strong TS (using the 7-way-test). Normally, students write 1-2 pages per question . . . sometimes a bit shorter. The key is to answer the question. In terms of how to submit, use the same procedures as mid-term. Think of it as a book (one doc called the final) with chapters (each question/answer) with only 7 underlined TSs (one per question).  

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