Final essay

Fall 2022 English 2110Final Exam Due: Wednesday, 12/7 by 11:55pm(Worth 50 points)Requirements:• 500-1000 words in length• Must examine two different poets/writers• Must cite specific examples from texts we read this semester• MAY include basic internet research on selected poets/writersSelect two of the writers we’ve read this semester whose work stands out in your memory. You may choose two poets, two essay writers, or one of each. Write a short essay (500-1000 words) theorizing how those writers’ identities influence the kind of work they write. If necessary, feel free to do some basic internet research on the individual writers/poets to learn more about the identities they inhabit. You may choose to look at factors such as race, gender, sexuality, economic class, age, or any other specific identity or intersection of identities. Be sure to address each writer/poet as an individual, and then compare and contrast the approaches each takes. Be sure, also, to include reference to specific examples in their writing we read together that help to illustrate your ideas.This short essay can be relatively informal, as long as your overall exploration is about how the poets’/writers’ identities impact the kind of work they write. It is meant to be completed in one sitting. Look at it as a slightly expanded discussion forum post. It will be graded based on on-time completion and clarity of writing about your chosen poets/writers.This is due by Wednesday, 12/7 at 11:55pm, but can be completed at any time.MY WRITERS ARE:CHARLES JENSENMARTHA SILANO  

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