Explain what neo-colonialism means and discuss four major factors/issues that Kwame Nkrumah and other scholars have used to argue that post-colonial Africa suffers from neo-colonial relations with the outside world. Your answer should be in the form of an essay of between 700 and 900 words in length. You are encouraged to dedicate at least one paragraph to each of the factors/issues you identify for discussion. You should also use at least two academic sources from the readings listed in the syllabus for this course. 

Your grade for this assignment will be calculated as follows:

Essay Writing Component            Points

Essay Structure (well thought out introduction, a number of body paragraphs and a fitting conclusion) 0.5

Discussion of four factors/issues supporting the idea of neocolonialism 8

Research (use at least two academic sources taken from the readings listed in the syllabus for this course)  1

Citation of Sources (use the Chicago Manual’s [foot]notes and bibliography style)  0.5

Total possible points      10

Sovereignty II: Neo-colonialism, structural adjustment and Africa’s political economy

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