1. Got to this website https://www.cybertext.com/ProcessCompleted.aspx 

 2. Login: username celie3@hawkmail.hccfl.edu, password: CAEL@53 

 3. Then you are going to click the Building Blocks of Accounting: A Financial Perspective 

 4. Then check the mark I have reviewed the video and/or read the PDF file 

 5. The click make excel sheet 

 6. Then click CE6285.xlsx and save it as a link 

 7. Open the file and enable editing 

 The instructions are on the 1st sheet; detailing steps 1-7. sheet two and three is just more information about the project. The 4th sheet includes the chart of accounts and sheet five are the transactions that needs to be recorded. Sheets 6-14 is where the information needs to be recorded. Each sheet needs to be recorded differently based off the financial statement. Note that sheet 11 has some additional instructions for assistance.

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