Examining Push/Pull Factors from One Nation of Immigration into the US


There are many reasons for people to immigrate to the U.S.. Choose a nation (i.e., China, India, Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Canada… ). Compare and contrast one or more of the following factors that you see as a main driver of immigration. Push factors might include: pollution, environmental degradation, poverty, violence, drugs, gangs, few opportunities for education, gender inequality, unemployment, low wages for instance. Each of these factors can be quite complex (i.e., poverty may have links to family size, income inequality, environmental degradation, minimum wage, unemployment/lack of opportunity, lack of familial support, food scarcity, corruption, social safety net, etc.). Compare and contrast the conditions the emigrants are fleeing with those conditions immigrants face in the U.S. (pull factors). Based on your data contrasting the US and the country of origin, will immigration into the US from your country decrease or increase? This is where you use the data to make a prediction based on what you have learned and considered throughout your paper. Present data in a 2 tables displaying quantitative evidence that support your arguments. Make sure the data you present back up a key part of your thesis, that is, they support your argument. If for instance, doctors from India emigrate due to low salaries, compare doctors salaries in India with those in the US. Cite the sources you used for the data beneath the tables. Make sure that your narrative explains and summarizes the data,


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