OVERVIEW The student will complete a research paper providing a detailed examination of all phases of disaster management. The student will examine all phases of disaster management including: an overview of the emergency management discipline; key concepts, definitions, and perspectives; mitigation to include prevention; and preparedness, planning, response, and recovery. The following subtopics will be included within the respective phase they best fit: human behavior, warnings, evacuation, sheltering, special needs populations, triage, damage assessment, disaster declarations, debris removal, media relations, crisis counseling, and assistance, as well as fiscal issues. Decision-making, unified command, incident command, EOC operations, along with coordination efforts will be examined. The roles of faith-based agencies as well as public-private partnerships will be discussed. The student will approach it from a holistic manner considering all potential disciplines that might be involved in any phase of dealing with a disaster. Finally, biblical foundations should be addressed. INSTRUCTIONS The student will write a research-oriented paper in current APA format of at least 8 full pages. The paper must include at least 8 sources (which cannot include the class textbook and the Bible). Assignment Specifics:  At least 8 full pages, not counting title and reference pages, research-oriented paper in current APA format  At least 8 sources

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