Evidence-based therapies for specific disorders

Please use the article, It was instructed to use it instead of a topic. The article should only be used as a general guide. It varies according to the theme and topic, in your own words. No copy and paste as it can not be accepted.Evidence-based therapies for specific disorders You are expected to complete a Research Paper. The paper must be five pages in content using APA style but at least 9 in total. It must include the following aspects:Abstract page (1) Is a paragraph ( at least eight lines) Content pages (5)Conclusion page (1) This Is what you find after doing the literature research and your personal opinions. Reference page (1). Make sure it is written using the name of the journals, books, or any proper reference. It must be typed using APA style, Times New Roman, and font 12. 1.5 space. Research findings from a Database to support your information.It must include at least three (2) academic/scholarly journals (Primary Sources) from journals in Psychology.

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