Ethics Assignment

The Ethics Assignment requires you as an individual to research, analyze, and then write a 1500-word essay on the influence of the “WOKE” philosophy on business ethics. The culture of today’s mega organizations such as those referred to as the “FAANG stocks and others like MSFT, TWTR, and DIS are often described as “woke.” To that end, many, maybe the majority, of the employees comprising the workforce of these same firms might describe themselves as woke. You are required to identify the ethical issues and to thoroughly defend your position. Your rubric will be provided to you by Dr. Ash Faulkner, he will add it to your modules Canvas page. This assignment requires an in-depth understanding of the case; further, it requires you to develop a coherent, logical response to this prompt that demonstrates both your writing skill and your ability to convey critical thought. Any assumptions you make about the case should be thoroughly identified. 

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