Essay: What Makes a Good Writer


This module’s eLearn content and your readings from Everyone’s an Author have explored myths about what makes a “good” writer, as well as habits and strategies that anyone can apply to become more skillful in their writing life. Our first major essay asks you to reflect on, and define, what you think makes an effective writer.

Topic: Explain and provide support for 3 different traits/habits that can help writers grow their skills and creative identities.

Your supporting points can address academic writing, but you are not limited to that — in fact, you don’t have to talk about academic writing at all if there are other aspects of the writing life that interest you more. This is your essay and you get to frame the topic how you want your readers to see it.

Technical Requirements:

  • 750+ words of relevant content
  • At least 1 course text used significantly for support — no outside research!
    • A course text is an assigned reading from this class, such as “Shitty First Drafts” or Everyone’s an Author.
    • You are encouraged to use the course text more than once, or use more than one text — whatever will help you best support your opinions and give your reader new considerations on this topic.
  • MLA document format and citations (in-text + Works Cited page)
  • First person used thoughtfully; second person avoided entirely unless in a direct quote from the course text

Course Readings required for assignment- Shitty First Drafts and Everyone’s an Author (Chapters 1-3, 6, and 9)

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