equality and diversity in connection with intersectionality within the art and fashion industry

Instructions for Essay

· Explain how this topic can be linked to a theory

Your essay should contain a maximum of 1500 words. Inspired by a previous project completed in Visual Culture, this essay assignment asks you to extend a theme you have already researched.

Some of the overarching themes discussed in the seminars include:

· ‘the environment and sustainability,

· ‘equality and diversity,

· ‘sex and gender’,

· ‘ethical values and consumerism’.

You may choose to select one of the above as your theme.

Specific ethical issues could be:

· Globalisation,

· Sustainability,

· Representation,

· Ideology,

· Intersectionality and

· Semiotics

We learnt how such themes are academically explored through the studies of theories

Your essay should:

· introduce your theme,

· explain how it addresses a specific ‘ethical issue’ relevant to a ‘field of industry’,

· and discuss how it relates to a theory.

You will also:

address how the roles of ‘Viewer and Producer’ interact within the context of your research, and in relevance today’s world of visual communication, arts, business, information, and digital me

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