English 104

Choose one question from each act and write a paragraph in response (three paragraphs total). Before you select the question, make sure there are no questions left unanswered—you should respond to unanswered questions first. This is a good reason to post early—you will have more choices available.

Act One

What is the backdrop for the arrival of Don Pedro and his men? Why is this significant to the plot of the play?

What is the substance of Don Pedro’s private conversation with the lovesick Claudio? Why is Don Pedro in such a hurry, do you think? Is it a good idea for him to woo in Claudio’s place? Why or why not?

How do we know that Beatrice and Benedick are in a “skirmish of wit”? Who seems to be winning? What is said that leads the audience to believe these two have a past, and why is that important, particularly when we reach Act 3 and Don Pedro’s “trick”?

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