Education and Bias

During our time together, you will be given two to three reading materials per week for twelve weeks. You will be given questions to answer about the reading materials each week. Every other week, you will be expected to write a two to four page summary explaining the four-six reading materials, and how they impacted your thinking for that specific section of time. There will be six different themes we will cover during our time together. After reading the required readings for the week, consider your thoughts that occurred during the readings. Did you have any “aha” moments, or any moments when you agreed or disagreed with the articles? It is important to take notes while reading, either in the book, or on a separate piece of paper. Consider how the readings can help you with your teaching approaches, or how your concept has changed or not changed after reading. This thought process will help you synthesize your reading, and apply it to your pedagogical practices. There will be six (two to four pages) papers. Please plan ahead to ensure these papers are summarized sufficiently. You will need to include at least two quotes from each article you read, and explain why this quote stood out to you. You can also use this time to show similarities and differences between the articles you’ve read. Additionally, I would like to see at least half a page of reflective expression, explaining why you felt these four articles impacted you or did not impact you. All six papers need to be in double spaced, 12 point font. The clearest fonts I prefer is Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. Each paper is 20 points. Language Use: This is an English based assignment.

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