Question 1: Reflect on both the course readings and lecture as you share something you learned or thought 

differently about the topic of tests, testing, and test creation.

Question 2: Use either the 3rd-grade or 7th-grade handout to create 3-5 quiz items based on the story or article 

and post them on the discussion board. Follow the best practices shared in the lecture and in your text and use 

either matching, binary choice, or multiple choice, or a combination of all three. As you respond to classmates, 

provide constructive criticism of their work. This is excellent practice for your quiz creation project! You can literally ask any questions that you want. A few content ideas to think about writing items in 3rd Grade (Closet Creature 

Story): setting, characters, action & resolution, parts of speech, details, comprehension questions, the meaning of 

phrases, point of view 7th grade (Grassroots Article): central ideas and details, timeline/sequencing, major events, 

vocabulary. meaning of phrases, arguments, inferences from the text

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