Economic and Social Transformations in the Nineteenth Century


Essay Question (4–5 pages, due Friday, October 21) Using at least four of the readings assigned in Weeks 4–8, describe some of the challenges that the transition from an agrarian to an industrialized economy posed for Americans in the nineteenth century (this can include people living in parts of the continent not controlled by the United States). How did the technological, economic, and political changes that occurred between the 1780s and 1890s affect social relationships and ideals established during the early republic? How did people respond to these transformations?

All of the information you need to answer the essay questions is provided in the readings so you do not need to consult other sources. However, you can do additional research if you want to. In the bibliography, annotate any sources: provide a brief description of the source, assess its reliability and potential biases, and explain why you believe the information provided by the source is credible or appropriate for the purposes of your essay. Use 1-inch margins and double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman or similar-sized font. Do not exceed the page limit for the essay. 

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